Hospitality Design Marketing

Gain expert marketing skills tailored for residential design, plus a professional website with premium hosting, all for just $500. Ideal for designers ready to expand their client base.

Hospitality Design Marketing Course

Who This Course Is For

Aspiring Agency Owners

Ideal for architects and interior designers looking to launch their own agencies. Learn essential marketing strategies to attract clients and establish a strong market presence.

Furniture Stores in Residential Design

Perfect for furniture retailers specializing in residential spaces. Gain insights into effectively marketing your products and leveraging digital tools to increase sales.

Future ArchiMarketers

Suitable for architects and interior designers seeking to transition into digital marketing. This course provides the expertise to specialize as certified digital marketers within the residential design industry, enhancing career prospects and professional growth.

Course Features

20 Hours

13 Weeks



24 Chapters


220 Videos


Installed Website

1 Year Hosting

1 Year Domain

Business Emails

What you’ll gain?

Complete Installed Website with eCommerce Integration

A fully functional, professionally designed website equipped with eCommerce capabilities, specifically tailored to showcase your hospitality design services and products. This setup allows you to engage hotel and restaurant owners, display your portfolio of completed projects, and handle transactions seamlessly for furniture and decor sales.

One Year Hosting and Domain

Benefit from one year of web hosting and domain registration, ensuring your online presence is secure and professionally managed without any additional initial cost. This ensures your hospitality design business maintains a professional and reliable online footprint.

Customized Digital Strategy

Develop a personalized digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific business goals in the hospitality industry. This strategy will enhance your online presence and effectively target hotel and restaurant owners, showcasing your expertise in creating inviting and functional spaces.

Optimized Social Media Profiles

Get professionally set up and optimized social media profiles crafted to resonate with your brand and attract the right audience, such as hospitality industry owners. Increase your network and engagement by showcasing your design projects, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and highlighting client testimonials.

Email Marketing Setup

Equip yourself with a complete email marketing system, including ready-to-use campaign assets designed to help you communicate effectively with hotel and restaurant owners. Promote your design services, share project updates, and provide valuable insights on the latest hospitality design trends.

Digital Tools and Learning Modules

Gain access to a wide range of integrated digital tools, including eLearning modules, quizzes, website templates, and a visual builder for WordPress. These tools are designed to enhance your website’s functionality and user experience, making it easier to showcase your hospitality design portfolio and attract potential clients.

Comprehensive Resource Library

Utilize an extensive collection of free resources such as eBooks, workbooks, cheat sheets, templates, and quizzes. These resources are designed to provide you with ongoing support and education to grow your hospitality design business, helping you stay ahead of industry trends and improve your service offerings.

Advanced Website Features

Your website comes with advanced features like quiz integration, ready-to-use website templates, and a visual builder that simplifies WordPress site construction. These enhancements allow you to create and manage a dynamic online presence that effectively showcases your hospitality design expertise, attracts potential clients, and facilitates transactions for your design services and products.

Start Your Hospitality Design Business Now



Customer Journey

We’ll guide you through creating a seamless online to in-person experience that turns hospitality industry owners into loyal clients who rely on your design expertise for their hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues.

Marketing Funnel

We’ll help you develop a marketing funnel designed specifically for architects, interior designers, and furniture stores specializing in the hospitality industry. Learn how to attract potential clients with professional visuals and compelling content.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll show you how to analyze the competitive landscape of other hospitality design firms and furniture stores. Identify key trends, unique selling points, and opportunities to stand out with your innovative design solutions.

Customer Persona

We’ll build detailed customer personas for your target segments such as hotel owners, restaurant managers, and resort developers. Understand their preferences for unique designs, efficient layouts, and high-quality furnishings.

Content Marketing

We’ll teach you how to craft engaging content that showcases your design projects, furniture collections, and client testimonials. Use storytelling to highlight the impact of your designs.

Content Strategy

Develop a strategic content plan that emphasizes the quality and innovation of your design services and products. Focus on content that highlights completed projects, design trends, and testimonials from satisfied hospitality clients.

Website Building

We’ll assist you in designing a professional website that highlights your design expertise and furniture collections. Showcase your portfolio with vibrant photos of completed projects, feature your services.


We’ll guide you in creating blog posts that discuss the latest trends in hospitality design, including sustainable practices, innovative materials, and project case studies. Share tips for optimizing hospitality spaces & spotlight your design approach.


Master the art of writing compelling marketing copy that conveys the uniqueness and impact of your design services and furniture products. Highlight your specialties, such as bespoke furniture, eco-friendly designs

Website Management

Learn to keep your website updated with the latest projects, design trends, and special offers to continuously attract and retain clients. Ensure your site is optimized for mobile viewing and easy navigation.

Search Marketing

Implement targeted search engine marketing strategies to ensure your design firm or furniture store appears when potential clients are searching for hospitality design services or high-quality furniture.

Social Media Management

Learn to effectively use platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to share updates, promote new projects, and interact with your community. Drive engagement by sharing photos of your latest designs,

Video Marketing

We’ll show you how to produce engaging videos that showcase your design process, highlight client testimonials, and provide virtual tours of your completed projects. Feature behind-the-scenes looks and expert insights on design trends.

Paid Ads

Utilize paid advertising to reach a broader audience, focusing on promoting your unique design solutions, custom furniture offerings, and special discounts for new projects or consultations.

Community Building

We’ll help you build an online community around your design firm or furniture store, creating a space for hospitality industry professionals to share their experiences and for you to engage directly with your client base.

Community Management

Learn effective strategies to actively engage with your community, ensuring positive interactions that build client loyalty and enhance your firm’s reputation. Host virtual events, such as webinars on design trends.

List Building

We’ll teach you techniques to grow your mailing list by offering enticing incentives like exclusive design guides, sneak peeks of new projects, or invitations to special events, turning casual visitors into repeat clients.

Email Broadcast

Regularly send curated newsletters that keep subscribers informed about new projects, design trends, and exclusive offers.

Email Copywriting

Write personalized email content that resonates with your clients, focusing on new services, seasonal promotions, and industry insights.

Email Automation

Set up automated email sequences that nurture leads from initial interest to project initiation, providing targeted content that entices clients to choose your services.

Email Calendar

Organize an email marketing calendar that aligns with seasonal trends, industry events, and business cycles to maximize engagement and response rates.

Offer Strategy

Learn to create compelling offers that entice clients, such as discounts on design consultations, loyalty rewards programs, or special promotions for large projects. Highlight deals on custom furniture packages.


Learn to build and optimize an eCommerce platform for your design firm or furniture store, focusing on conversion-focused product pages for selling custom furniture, design consultation packages, or exclusive decor items.


Learn strategies to convert loyal clients into strategic partners. This module will teach you how to engage your most dedicated clients in co-creating marketing initiatives, providing them with incentives to promote your design services or furniture products

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Our sessions to Become a Digital Strategist in Residential Design begin every three months. By registering, you can select the start date that best suits you. Each session includes two lessons per week, sent directly to your inbox.

Each lesson is carefully designed to help you master an aspect of digital strategy specifically for residential design. Of course, we will be there to support you at every step. Reserve your spot now for the next session and start your transformation into a digital strategy expert for residential design.

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Transform Hospitality Design Prospects into Partners with Our Digital Customer Journey

Unlock the Power of Transformation: Our Unique Digital Customer Journey

Embark on a transformative educational journey specifically tailored for professionals in the hospitality design industry. Our 10-step Digital Customer Journey provides a strategic roadmap designed to elevate your expertise and transform your approach to hospitality projects. This journey isn’t just about learning—it’s about applying practical steps to progressively turn your prospective clients into loyal partners. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of each stage

Research Stage

Delve deeply into the hospitality market to understand the evolving needs and preferences of guests, ranging from luxury accommodations to budget lodgings. Use this insight to craft targeted marketing strategies that resonate with different segments of the hospitality industry.

Build Stage

Develop compelling marketing assets that resonate with the unique aspects of hospitality—emphasizing comfort, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Create portfolios that showcase your ability to design spaces that enhance guest experiences and increase bookings.

Attract Stage

Implement targeted marketing techniques such as SEO focused on hospitality industry keywords, and use social media advertising to reach hotel owners and event planners. Highlight how your designs contribute to a memorable guest experience and operational efficiency.

Engage Stage

Create engaging content such as virtual tours of your past design projects, webinars on the latest trends in hospitality design, and interactive design tools that allow potential clients to visualize their own projects. This content should captivate and hold the interest of hotel operators looking for innovative design solutions.

Subscribe Stage

Convert your engaged audience into newsletter subscribers by offering valuable resources tailored to the hospitality industry. Provide design tips, case studies of successful projects, and eBooks on enhancing guest satisfaction through design.

Followup Stage

Maintain contact with your leads through regular updates and personalized communications that reinforce the value of investing in quality design. Share updates on new design trends, project completions, and client testimonials to build trust and position yourself as the go-to expert in hospitality design.

Convert Stage

Present compelling service offers, such as design consultations or full-service project management packages, that clearly outline the ROI of your design services. Highlight case studies where your designs have directly led to increased guest satisfaction and revenue.

Increase Stage

Encourage repeat business and referrals by continuously demonstrating the tangible benefits of your designs, such as improved guest reviews and increased bookings. Offer incentives for repeat clients and referral programs that help expand your network within the hospitality industry.

Upgrade Stage

Offer premium services or membership benefits, such as ongoing design support, exclusive access to new products and innovations, or first options on limited design collaborations. Tailor these upgrades to the needs of high-end hotels and resorts that are constantly seeking to differentiate their offerings.

Partner Stage

Focus on building long-term relationships that turn clients into brand advocates. Develop partnerships with hotel chains and hospitality groups that can lead to ongoing projects and collaborations. Use success stories to showcase the sustained growth and success facilitated by your designs.

Très bonne formation que je la recommande vivement .
J’ai beaucoup apprécié le cadre de la formation et la bonne pédagogie du formateur que l’on peut suivre à son rythme grâce à ses explications bien détaillées.
Merci Akthem Naili pour la clarté des informations très utiles.

Sami Smaoui


Je recommande vivement de faire une formation chez Creativa learning.
Le formateur Mr Akthem est doté d’un excellent relationnel et savoir faire.

Sondes Ben Amor

Responsable Marketing

Excellente expérience. Écoute réactivité et professionnalisme. Creativa nous a fait naître dans la toile, nous a fait grandir et a suivi nos premiers pas jusqu’à nous rendre visibles!
Un grand Merci à toute l’équipe!!!

Nebris Belkacem

Artiste 3D, AM Architecture

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