Social Media Manager

The role of the social media manager is to represent a company on social networks.

He responds to comments, creates content and also campaigns, in order to strengthen the company’s presence on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The social media manager must achieve objectives such as:
Optimizing brand awareness
Improve website traffic

Tasks of Social Media Manager

  • Develop brand identity
  •     Participate in visual design strategies: whether it’s your profile/cover photos or team photos.
  •     Create and monitor advertising campaigns and give a detailed report on all traffic and return on investment.
  • Listen, respond and interact with the audience on all channels. to improve sales and customer relationships.
  •     Establish a fan to customer conversion strategy

Skills required to become Social Media Manager

-Excellent writing skills
-Ability to create creative content (text, image and video)
-Good knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics
-Knowledge of social media
-Excellent communication skills
-Analytical and multitasking skills