Zaha Hadid Videos

Making of Zaha Hadid

Join Giulia Romagnoli, an interior designer, and historian Arthur Lintell as they explore Zaha Hadid’s revolutionary architectural wonders in London. Discover the stories behind the structures that have reshaped the city’s skyline and redefined architectural norms.

Rosenthal Center

Explore Zaha Hadid’s Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art with Giulia and Arthur. Dive into its innovative design, dynamic interiors, and captivating urban integration. Witness how this iconic structure reshapes museum experiences

Vitra Fire Station

Join Giulia and Arthur as they uncover the unique story behind Zaha Hadid’s Vitra Fire Station. Witness the blend of functionality and artistry in this architectural gem, where sharp lines and open spaces intertwine to create a masterpiece.

BMW Central Building

Embark on a journey into automotive innovation at the BMW Central Building in Germany. Zaha Hadid’s bold venture into industrial architecture redefines conventional norms. Let’s delve into this remarkable project.”

Guangzhou Opera House

Dive into the architectural wonder of the Guangzhou Opera House, a masterpiece by Zaha Hadid that graces the skyline of Guangzhou. Let’s unravel the story behind this iconic structure with Arthur.